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On this page from time to time we will feature new Materials Science and Metallurgy technology which is available for licensing / commercialisation.

If you are interested in finding out more about current licensing and commercialisation opportunities please contact us using the details on the right.

New methods of drug release
A research group in the department of Materials Science and Metallurgy has recently been working to develop methods of controlled timed drug delivery. They have succeeded in developing two innovative techniques producing poly(glycolide) (PGA)-based drug delivery devices, both giving a pulsed drug release profile.

This novel approach permits the control and variation of release of drug by changing the properties of the polymer. As the devices are fully resorbable surgical removal is unnecessary. This system of drug delivery may have potential applications in a number of fields including vaccine, hormone and protein delivery. PGA has already been approved for biomedical use and the rate of drug release has been fully characterised.

We have filed a patent application to cover this new approach to timed drug delivery, and are now seeking commercial partners who may be interested in using this technology under licence from the University.