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15 August 2023

We congratulate Professor Sohini Kar-Narayan who has received the 2023 Royal Society of Chemistry Materials Chemistry mid-career Prize, the Peter Day Prize, for advancing research in functional polymers and nanocomposites, and their application in energy, sensing and biomedicine using microscale additive manufacturing.

The Device Materials Group, which Sohini co-leads with Prof. Judith Driscoll and Dr. Giuliana Di Martino, will celebrate 60 years as part of the upcoming Femincam meeting.  Femincam is a celebration of the emerging women in science and leaders in electronic materials, across the departments of Materials, Physics, Chemistry, Electrical Engineering Chemical Engineering, taking place at Trinity College, Cambridge, on 27 Sept. 2023.  The meeting will feature discussions about the challenges that women in science face, particularly in terms of equality, diversity, and inclusion, and the changing landscape in this respect.