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16 January 2018

The latest workshop in the “mini” series associated to the “Total Energies and Forces” conference, organised by ICTP in Trieste every two years, was held in Cambridge from 9th to 11th January 2018.

The workshop focused on the most recent developments in the field of electronic structure methods from the first-principles perspective, their diverse applications and mathematical foundations. The invited speakers were Prof Bogdan A. Bernevig (Princeton University), Dr George Booth (King’s College London), Prof Kieron Burke (UC Irvine), Prof Eric Cancès (École des Ponts – ParisTech), Dr Giuseppe Carleo (ETH Zürich), Prof Michele Ceriotti (EPFL), Prof Garnet Chan (Caltech), Prof Daan Frenkel (University of Cambridge), Dr Luca Ghiringhelli (FHI Berlin), Dr Andreas Grüneis (MPI Stuttgart), Prof Gus Hart (Brigham Young University), Prof Kristjan Haule (Rutgers University), Prof Motoko Kotani (Tohoku University), Mr Michael Medvedev (Russian Academy of Sciences), Prof Katarzyna Pernal (Lodz University of Technology), Prof Fabio Pietrucci (Université Pierre et Marie Curie), Dr Mariana Rossi (FHI Berlin) and Prof Atsuto Seko (Kyoto University).

During the workshop, Prof Burke was also presented with the 2017 Bourke Award medal by the Royal Society of Chemistry.