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A Simple Fluid Changes Viscosity and Viscoelasticity with Light

April, 2020

Elaine A. Kelly, Niamh Willis-Fox, Judith E. Houston, Camille Blayo, Giorgio Divitini, Nathan Cowieson, Ronan Daly and Rachel C. Evans, "A Single-Component Photorheological Fluid with Light-Responsive Viscosity", Nanoscale, 2020, 12, 6300 – 6306. Hot Article.

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Strain-hardening in metallic glasses

March, 2020

J Pan, YP Ivanov, WH Zhou, Y Li & AL Greer, “Strain-hardening and suppression of shear-banding in rejuvenated bulk metallic glass”, Nature 578 (2020) 559‒562.

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Polymer blends reduce stent embrittlement

January, 2020

R. N. Oosterbeek, K-A. Kwon, P. Duffy, S. McMahon, X. C. Zhang, S. M. Best, and R. E. Cameron, “Tuning structural relaxations, mechanical properties, and degradation timescale of PLLA during hydrolytic degradation by blending with PLCL-PEG”, Polymer Degradation and Stability 170, 109015 (2019)

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Nodal superconducting exchange coupling

December, 2019

A Di Bernardo, S Komori, G Livanas, G Divitini, P Gentile, M Cuoco, JWA Robinson, “Nodal superconducting exchange coupling”, Nature Materials 18, 1194–1200 (2019).

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Survival of the coolest

November, 2019

B. Nair, T. Usui, S. Crossley, S. Kurdi, G. G. Guzmán-Verri, X. Moya, S. Hirose and N. D. Mathur, “Large electrocaloric effects in oxide multilayer capacitors over a wide temperature range”, Nature 575, 468 (2019)

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