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The majority of Part II Materials Science students go on to take the Part III course. The aims and objectives of the course differ from Part II, since it is largely focussed on highlighting the latest developments in the subject. Many of the lecture courses concern cutting-edge topics and provide a natural springboard for future research, which could be undertaken in industry, research institutes or academia. While the course is certainly not exclusively for those planning a research career, it provides a valuable insight into advanced study of the subject. Lecture courses cover a wide range of advanced topics from among different themes of Materials Science. The courses have a modular structure, enabling study paths to be tailored to the particular interests of individuals. A major component of the course is the individual research project, undertaken within one of the research groups in the Department in the Michaelmas and Lent terms. Among extra-curricular activities organised by the Department are programmes of industrial visits, visiting speakers and an opportunity to spend the summer after the course pursuing a research project in a university or research institute in continental Europe. (Some of these are also available in earlier years of the Tripos.) The course leads to the MSci degree. Being awarded this degree counts (uniquely within the Natural Sciences Tripos) as an accredited qualification towards Chartered Engineer (CEng) status.

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  • Information for current students is found on the relevant Moodle course.


Michaelmas Term - 12 Lecture Courses












Lent Term - 12 Lecture Courses












Short Lecture Courses