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Seminars, socials and events of interest to Department members are listed below, with the next seven days listings also being shown on the Reception area screen. Please visit the Intranet to complete the online form to register your event (please note entries are moderated/approved prior to appearing).

All events are held in the Department unless stated otherwise.

  • 19Apr

    Lecture Theatre 2, Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology, Philippa Fawcett Drive, Cambridge, CB3 0AS

    In this 3rd CAMatNet meeting we bring together scientists in Cambridge who are imaging the structure and properties of materials across different lengthscales using many forms of radiation and microscopies. The central themes of the meeting will be to see how complementary and novel techniques can reveal previously hidden structure and functionality, how machine learning and compressed sensing methods are transforming the way imaging data is analysed and how new instrumentation is enabling new materials and new devices to be studied for the first time. Speakers will come from across a wide spectrum of Cambridge departments with a mix of established and early-career researchers. The meeting will be an opportunity to make new contacts, re-kindle existing ones and to network with others in the field.

    Organisers - Cate Ducati, Paul Midgley and Rachel Oliver

    Confirmed Speakers so far: Sean Collins (MSM), Ronan Daly (IfM), Richard Harrison (Esc), Louise Hirst (Phys/MSM), Richard Langford (Phys), Sohini Kar-Narayan (MSM), Rachel Oliver (MSM), Sam Stranks (Phys), Silvia Vignolini (Chem), Axel Zeitler (CEB)

    Attendance is free but please book a place:

    There is also an opportunity to display posters during the day, if you wish to do so please email Ana Talaban-Bailey with a poster title.

  • 25Apr

    Goldsmiths' Lecture Room 2

    Kohei Ohnishi

    25 minute talks + 5 minutes of questions

  • 01May

    Tea Room

    Snacks will be provided, prizes will be won, and fun will be had by all with quizmasters Jamie Cyr and Matthew Linley. 

    Sign up as an individual or as a team for £2 per person at the Servery. Individuals will be placed into a team prior to the start of the quiz.

  • 03May

    Goldsmiths' Lecture Room 1

    The Department will be holding its first Equality and Diversity seminar and networking event delivered by Dr Terri Simpkin, Anglia Ruskin University. The seminar will be followed by a networking lunch in the tea room. 

    The seminar is open to all members of the Department but due to space limitations (and to make sure we have enough lunch!), registration is compulsory. 

    Please sign up on the Eventbrite website:


    Feel like a fake?

    Trying your best to convince yourself you belong at university?

    Join the conversation about the impostor phenomenon and learn where it comes from and more importantly, how you can get rid of it.

    So, you’ve got into your course and you’re all set for a stellar academic career followed by the job of your dreams! 

    Pity that voice over your shoulder keeps suggesting there’s been some terrible mistake and you’re not supposed to be here. Or, everyone else here is more clever and therefore deserves to be here more than you. At some point someone’s going to find you out for the phoney you are.

    Well, guess what? It’s not just you and it’s more often than not, simply not true.

    The notion of being less competent than you should be or believing your success to be a bit of a mistake can be stressful and the sense that at some point you're going to be found out as an impostor can be crippling to achievement and may cause anxiety and overwork.

    Presented by Dr Terri Simpkin, this introductory conversation is based on current research into women in STEM and how they experience the impostor phenomenon. Learn how the internal monologue perpetuates the sense of being a phoney and identify ways to better recognise and enjoy the achievement you well and truly deserve.  

    More information can be found at  

  • 09May

    Goldsmiths' Lecture Room 2

    Sachio Komori

    25 minute talks + 5 minutes of questions


  • 23May

    Goldsmiths' Lecture Rooms 1

    Tuhin Maity

    25 minute talks + 5 minutes of questions

  • 06Jun

    Goldsmiths' Lecture Room 2

    Sungkyun Kim

    25 minute talks + 5 minutes of questions

  • 12Jun

    Pippard Lecture Theatre, Department of Physics, Cavendish Laboratory, JJ Thomson Avenue, Cambridge CB3 0HE

    The afternoon programme of talks begins at 1.45 (registration from 1.15 pm) at the Pippard Lecture Theatre, Department of Physics, Cavendish Laboratory, JJ Thomson Avenue, Cambridge CB3 0HE. The Forum includes the award of the Armourers & Brasiers’ Materials Science Venture Prize and the 20th Kelly Lecture.  This year Professor Peter Bruce FRS, Department of Materials, University of Oxford, will give the Kelly Lecture.  His talk is entitled "Materially better batteries".

  • 15Jun

    On the green next to the building

    Annual Department Garden Party and BBQ to celebrate the end of the year. More details to follow.

  • 22Jun


    More details to follow.