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Seminars, socials and events of interest to Department members are listed below, with the next seven days listings also being shown on the Reception area screen. Please visit the Intranet to complete the online form to register your event (please note entries are moderated/approved prior to appearing).

  • 24Jan

    Goldsmiths' Lecture Room 1

    Prof John Rogers, Simpson/Querrey Professor of Materials Science and Engineering, Biomedical Engineering and Medicine at Northwestern University, USA

    Biology is soft, curvilinear and transient; conventional semiconductor technologies are hard, planar and everlasting. Development of electronic and optoelectronic systems that eliminate this profound mismatch in properties will establish foundations for devices that can intimately integrate with the body, to provided unique, important modes of operation with relevance in biomedical research and clinical healthcare. Over the last decade, a convergence of new concepts in materials science, electrical engineering and advanced manufacturing has led to the emergence of diverse, novel classes of 'biocompatible' electronic platforms. This talk describes the key ideas, with examples ranging from wireless, skin-like electronic 'tattoos' for continuous monitoring of physiological health, to bioresorbable nerve stimulators for accelerated neuroregeneration.

  • 31Jan

    Goldsmiths' Lecture Room 2

    Sen Zhang

    25 minute talks + 5 minutes of questions

  • 09Feb

    Goldsmiths' Lecture room 1

    Prof Stefan Kaskel 

    Technical University Dresden, Inorganic Chemistry Department, Bergstr. 66, 01062 Dresden, Germany

  • 12Feb

    Goldsmiths' Lecture room 2

    Dr Stefan Wuttke 

    School of Chemistry, Joseph Banks Laboratories, University of Lincoln

  • 14Feb

    Goldsmiths' Lecture Room 2

    Alexander Buzdin

    25 minute talks + 10 minutes of questions

  • 15Feb

    Tea room

    The Social Committee is delighted to announce this term's quiz! The quizmaster is James Devine-Stoneman. Sign up as an individual or as a team for £2 per person. Individuals will be placed into a team prior to the start of the quiz. 

    During the quiz there will also be a game where you can guess the amount of candy in a jar! Aoife McCaul, a part III student, will be the protector of the candy jar. All proceeds go to support Education Project Africa, so it's good for your karma!

  • 28Feb

    Goldsmiths' Lecture Room 2

    Guillaume Nataf

    25 minute talks + 5 minutes of questions

  • 28Mar

    Goldsmiths' Lecture Room 2

    Chao Yun

    25 minute talks + 5 minutes of questions

  • 12Jun

    Pippard Lecture Theatre, Department of Physics, Cavendish Laboratory, JJ Thomson Avenue, Cambridge CB3 0HE

    The afternoon programme of talks begins at 1.45 (registration from 1.15 pm) at the Pippard Lecture Theatre, Department of Physics, Cavendish Laboratory, JJ Thomson Avenue, Cambridge CB3 0HE. The Forum includes the award of the Armourers & Brasiers’ Materials Science Venture Prize and the 20th Kelly Lecture.