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Thursday, 22 February, 2024 - 13:00
Event Location: 

Goldsmiths' Lecture Room 1

Speaker: Dr Mehmet Egilmez, American University of Sharjah, UAE

High/medium entropy alloys have attracted great scientific and industrial interest during the last two decades. In general, these alloys consist of 3 to 7 (or more) elements in large percentages, which leads to a high degree of disorder and hence a very large configurational entropy. In these alloys, the utilization of a large number of elements results in rich compositional tuning, which in turn results in exciting mechanical, electrochemical, magnetic, and electronic functionalities.  The talk will present our recent efforts on the CoNiCr(V) medium-entropy system and TiZrNbSn shape memory alloy superconductor. The CoNiCr system is particularly interesting because it possesses exceptional mechanical properties across a wide range of temperatures, excellent corrosive resistance, electrochemical functionalities, and unique transport and magnetic properties. The extraordinary properties of this system not only are due to differences in atomic radii and electronic configurations of constituent elements but are also dependent on the magnetically driven chemical short-range order.

25 minutes plus questions unless stated otherwise (please arrive a few minutes early to start on time)