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Monday, 6 November, 2017 -
14:30 to 16:00
Event Location: 

Goldsmiths 2 Lecture Theatre

The Department has recently installed a new AFM, under the Sir Henry Royce Institute funding.  It is a Dimenson ICON pro with a unique combination of capabilities in topographic, electrical and mechanical imaging on large samples.

Peter de Wolf from Bruker will be visiting on 6th November to provide advanced training on this new AFM system.  Peter is the Applications Manager at Bruker and is in charge of the development of new modes of imaging within the company, particularly modes for the examination of materials properties at the nanoscale.  He and Dr Rachel Oliver will be giving a seminar during that afternoon.  In this talk, Rachel will initially give a short introduction to the AFM for a non-specialist audience and then briefly explain the capability they have in materials property measurement which is carried forward from the older Dimension 3100, which the new Royce system replaces.  Peter will then talk at rather more length about the new capabilities of the Royce system.  There should have plenty of time for questions at the end, and from 16.00 - 18.00 there may be the opportunity for potential new AFM users to ask Peter specific questions about their research problems, or (for a limited number of users) to try out their samples on the system.

Please do come along to the seminar.  It is a great opportunity for potential users to come along and learn about the system's capabilities, particularly as Peter is one of the most expert people in the world on materials property measurement in AFM.  If you are interested in running samples on the system, please email about this in advance so demand can be managed and, if needed, Rachel can work on developing AFM solutions with you after Peter's visit.